Michelle + Dave :: Stevensville, Montana Wedding at the Stone Tower Estates

Michelle + Dave :: Stevensville, Montana Wedding at the Stone Tower Estates - Photos by Kristine Paulsen Photography

We all had our eyes on the sky as Michelle and Dave's Stevensville, Montana wedding at the Stone Tower Estates got underway. Rain clouds zipped through, but then skirted around us as clouds gave way to brilliant sunshine highlighting the beauty of the Bitteroot Mountains, and the loveliness of Michelle and Dave's day. Everyone was in high spirits as they readied themselves to walk down the aisle, and smiles were abundant as the wedding party made their way down the aisle strewn with rose petals. Michelle was radiant in her dress as well as her mother's veil, causing Dave to wipe away a tear or two as he looked at his beautiful ...

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Jena + Dan :: Corvallis, Montana Wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch

Jena + Dan :: Corvallis, Montana Wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch - Photos by Kristine Paulsen Photography

Though the forecast predicted rain, Jena and Dan's wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch was picture perfect - blue skies, fluffy white clouds, a golden eagle overhead, brilliant sunshine here and there - Montana certainly pulled out all the stops for them. And the beauty didn't stop there. Jena walked down the aisle, beaming, as she looked at Dan. And the two laughed and smiled as they spoke their vows to one another. In an incredibly touching moment, Jena and Dan invited close friends and family to join them at the altar to bless their rings before exchanging them with one another. Soon they enjoyed their first kiss as newlyweds to a chorus ...

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Bare Feet and Sunset Kisses :: {Sarah and Jordan’s Flying Horse Ranch Wedding}

Bare Feet and Sunset Kisses :: Sarah and Jordan's Flying Horse Ranch Wedding in Corvallis, Montana :: Photos by Kristine Paulsen Photography

Happy couples are my favorite, and Jordan and Sarah were no exception. It was a perfectly beautiful day for their wedding and part of what made it so beautiful was their visible happiness and easygoing nature throughout their wedding day. And even though there were tears too, they were happy tears. Tears of a father proud of and happy for his daughter. Tears of a bride moved by her husband's vows to her and her vows to him. Tears while listening to the most moving of toasts from siblings and friends. And, of course, lots and lots of laughter to accompany the events of the day as well. As their wedding day progressed, the brilliant blue ...

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A Love as Bright and Beautiful as the Big Sky :: {Stephanie and Danny’s Flying Horse Ranch Wedding}

A Love as Bright and Beautiful as the Big Sky :: Stephanie and Danny's Wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch in Corvallis, Montana - Photos by Kristine Paulsen Photography

Sometimes Montana weather in June can make us all look up at the sky in bewilderment - it was supposed to be a rainy day for Stephanie and Danny's wedding, but lo and behold, it was drop-dead gorgeous and Mother Nature even decided to go all out and match their wedding colors with bright blue skies and lush green grass. As the girls and guys readied themselves for the ceremony, there was a lot of laughter and giggling, which is always a great way to start the day in my book. The ladies laughed as Stephanie steadied herself as her maids laced up her dress, and the guys guffawed at their slick-soled shoes, and may have attempted some Michael ...

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Sunflowers and Smiles – {Megin and Seth’s Stevensville, Montana Wedding}

Megin and Seth's Stevensville Montana Wedding - Photos by Kristine Paulsen Photography

Talk about a perfect Montana day for Megin and Seth's wedding! Everyone was treated to a bluebird day, the sun shined brilliantly over the mountaintops in the Bitterroot, and didn't sink behind them again until late in the long June evening. Megin readied herself in the upstairs of the main house, taking deep breaths to calm her nerves, and pausing here and there to peek out the window as guests arrived. Family and friends rested on hay bales as they waited for the grand entrance of the bridal party, and were treated to an adorable petal-scattering by the two flower girls. Megin made the long walk to the aisle on the arm of her father, ...

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Ranches and Rings and Sweet Wedding Things – {Kim and Randy’s Darby, Montana Wedding}


It's kind of hard to believe that August is already here after photographing Kim and Randy's engagement session way back in February - how time flies! Fast forward to August, the warmth of the summer sun, and long, languid evenings and you've got yourself a perfect recipe for an absolutely stunning wedding day. Kim and Randy tailored their day to really showcase their love for Montana, and classy western style. Kim even made her grand entrance to the ceremony by riding side-saddle on her mother-in-law's horse! Guests sipped on lemonade as Kim and Randy vowed their love to one another under the big sky. The two ceremonially braided ropes ...

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Rainbows, Sunsets, Love…and a little Elvis – {John and Lisa’s Corvallis, MT Wedding}


Everything about John and Lisa's wedding at the Slack House homestead, which is owned by The Teller (a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization that owns 1,200 acres of wildlife preserve in the Bitterroot Valley), shouted their personalities - fun, beautiful and full of charm. From their hand-painted signs to the chalkboard menus to the strings of engagement photos posted around the property, John and Lisa's joy was ever-present. Their gorgeous, sun-dappled ceremony under two gigantic willows was filled with personal touches, heartfelt vows they wrote themselves, and a very moving reading by Lisa's sister Caroline. (It's ok Caroline, I ...

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A Dazzling Love Runs Through It :: {Jen and Kyle’s Daly Mansion Wedding}

Montana Wedding

Jen and Kyle - what a beautiful pair they are. They are absolutely, hands-down, unequivocally MEANT for each other. There is such a beautiful love - nay - a dazzling love, between them, and it was front and center during their wedding at the Daly Mansion in Hamilton, Montana. From Kyle's sweet gifts to Jen before the ceremony and the card he wrote to her that nearly caused tears to fall, to Jen's voice, thick with emotion, as she vowed to Kyle that she'd always love him, for all eternity. It was a beautiful wedding. Emotional, funny, and moving. Thank you Jen and Kyle for allowing me to witness such a special day for the two of you - I had ...

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