A woman wearing pink smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman wearing green smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman wearing gray smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman looks serious for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA man wearing brown smiles for his headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman wearing paisley print smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA business woman in a jacket smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman smiles for her headshots in St. Ignatius MontanaA woman wearing a multicolored jacket smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman wearing a brown vest smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman wearing a red jacket smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman wearing a brown striped top smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA woman employee smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA female employee smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman wearing a white floral top poses for headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman wearing turquoise smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman wearing a jean jacket poses for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA young woman wearing green plaid smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA male actor poses for his headshot in Missoula MontanaA woman employee poses for her Missoula headshotA business woman wearing a charcoal sweater smiles for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA female model wearing a crochet headband poses for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA business woman poses for her headshots in Missoula MontanaA female model poses for her headshots in Missoula Montana
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The Nitty-Gritty

in 33.3 Seconds Flat

I'm fun-loving, I'm darn handy with a camera, and I'll go anywhere with you to make your photos...basically, I'm your photo sherpa. Above all, I believe in people, and I believe headshots are such a fantastic way to capture what makes you, YOU. I live for capturing your reality - your laugh, your soft smile, the light in your eyes. I live for all of these things and more. Why? Because your headshots are so much more than outdated backdrops or cheesy, uncomfortable grins. Your headshots are filled with liveliness and real smiles and everything that demonstrates your unique personality - all to make sure that everyone who sees your photos gets who you are, too.

Let's do this!


to work with me


I like you for you! Stiff, awkward poses aren't in my vocabulary, and, since many folks have never done this before, I'll certainly help you along the way. What I'm looking for is your real laughter, your genuine smile, and light in your eyes. And if you're more reserved, we'll keep things soft and quiet. But if you are the type of person who laughs all the way from your toes to your nose, by all means, let's capture that in your images! I'm all about showcasing your best self in the most genuine way possible to make sure you receive images that you love.

i photograph on location

The nice thing about today's headshots is that they are much more modern, unique to you, and vibrant. And part of that is by having them done in a location that is meaningful to you, or makes sense to have as a backdrop in your images. Are you a trail-runner? Let's go hit one up for your photos! Is your office bookcase a well-curated love of yours? It can play a starring role as your natural backdrop! Are you an entrepreneur who likes to work in coffee shops? Methinks that coffee is calling!

I Care

I want this to be an easy experience for you. I believe in good communication and simple steps so you don't have to stress. Need location ideas? I've got 'em! Searching for a good outfit? I can refer you to some great examples! Worried about your skin freaking out on you the day of your session? My natural retouching has you covered. This session is about you - and I want to do everything I can to make sure my photography and my service reflects that. And I'll keep on doing that after your session too.

i keep things snappy

You have no IDEA how many horror stories I've heard from people who've confessed to me that they've been made to stand for portraits IN THE SAME SPOT for (what seems like) years. Or have been made to awkwardly hug a tree or strike a pose that feels like it should have been part of the Twister game. Umm, nope. Not gonna happen here. I believe in moving quickly and naturally to make sure that smile in your eyes is always real. And I promise, Twister moves won't make an appearance at your session either.

no waiting ages for images

We've probably all heard those tales where someone doesn't get their images for (shudder) years, or (the horror) they just don't get them at all. That's certainly not the case here. I'm just as giddy about your images as you are, so you can be assured you will receive your images as quickly as I can humanly get them to you AND in time for any deadline you might be on (within reason, of course). That said, I'm not sloppy, and I believe in delivering quality products to you. But you will always get your images as lickety split as possible.

i've done this...a lot

Chances are, this might be your first time getting professional photos. (And if it's not, that's cool too!) So it's a huge plus that I've got more than a few of these sessions under my belt (read: I've been doing this for over 10 years). I can trust my instincts to guide me in the best direction for you. And if you'd like to tap me as a resource if you've got questions, by all means, do it. I am more than happy to help! As Bill Withers so eloquently sang, "lean on me!"


I've seen photo and editing trends come and go over the years, which is why I've stuck to a reality-driven shooting and editing style. What this means is that years down the road you won't be looking at your images wondering why on EARTH your photos all look strangely "yellow," or all the greens look desaturated despite the lushness of your June session, or...you name it. My work is honest and human, so your photos are the focus, not the editing.

i want you ecstatic about your photos

I don't spend time concocting "styled shoots," submitting to blogs, or angling to get featured in magazines. What I spend time on is making pictures. And working on pictures. And spending time on you. I want you enthusiastically shouting from the mountaintops about just how much you love your photos, and spreading the word far and wide, so yep - you're top billing in my book, always.

meet kristine!


I'm Kristine.

I'm a Missoula-based wedding and portrait photographer in Montana who loves to help you be your best self in front of my camera. The number one thing my clients tell me is that working with me is like hanging out with a friend - which is one of the biggest compliments I can receive! We'll talk as we walk, and as we swap stories we'll share some great laughs together, and get your photo jitters out of the way. In between learning about you, you'll likely hear a bit about my silly little bird, Flash (he likes to talk - one of his favorite words is "Peekaboo!"), get to know a few of my favorite things (I love to cook and really love to bake - cakes and pies make my sweet tooth happy), and we'll probably get to chatting about some of the best brews found in downtown Missoula (because there are a lot to choose from!). But most importantly, we'll have a great time hanging out with each other as people - one of whom just happens to have a camera in her hand documenting the real, awesome you.

I was born in Montana (so I totally understand the love for this big sky state and all things that celebrate western beauty), I spent a wonderful childhood in the Midwest (which has given me a great appreciation for genuine, hard-working, down-to-earth folks), and I completed my undergraduate degree in English at Carleton College (but fell in love with hand-processed film photography there - remember film?!). Knowing that the west is my true home, I moved back to Montana to earn my master's degree in photojournalism from the University of Montana and worked in Seattle at the amazing Seattle Post-Intelligencer (while it was still a printed paper and one of the best photo newspapers in the country), and eventually landed back here in Missoula, where it was clear I'd found home once again.

I love being able to explore all the beauty the west has to offer, and often venture out on photo expeditions just to have fun exploring with my camera. I also occasionally teach photojournalism classes at the U of M as an adjunct professor and delight in watching students' excitement grow. People are so interesting to me, and I find it completely rewarding to meet and photograph those who enthusiastically love their lives. Pulling from my photojournalism background, it's no surprise that I enjoy photographing weddings and portraits because there's nothing better to me than people in all their uniqueness, and I find it truly fascinating to be able to tell people's stories in a reality-driven way.

Little red heart

i also love me a little fun!

Little red heart

Have a hankering to learn a few more random facts about me, and take a peek at a couple more photos? (Because, hey, I'm a photographer - why not include a few more pics, right?) Get to know a little more about what makes me tick over here! I'll bet we share some of the same interests!

let's photograph

on location

you don't do your work in a photo studio -

so why make your headshots there?

love notes

A woman poses for her headshot in Missoula Montana

I Loved Working with Kristine!!

Megan from Missoula, Montana

I loved working with Kristine!! She did an amazing job of capturing the look and feel I needed for my professional photos. She also made the session fun and put me at ease while being photographed.

A woman smiles for her Missoula headshots

Beautiful Photos!

Karis from Missoula, Montana

Thank you so, so much for your time and for the beautiful photos!

A woman smiles for the camera during her Missoula headshots

Everyone Loves Their Pictures!

Kenda from Historical Research Associates in Missoula, Montana

Hi Kristine! Thank you for an amazing job! Everyone loves their pictures!!

A woman smiles for her Missoula Montana headshots

You Were Fun and Easy to Work With

Sara from Missoula, Montana

Hi Kristine! Thanks for getting these to me so quickly. You were fun and easy to work with. :) Thank you!


What's Included

headshot sessions

From your first contact with me to the final delivery of your images, I want your photography to be everything you've hoped for, and for it to be an easy, smooth experience that you enjoy - all without taking up too much of your time! I know how busy you probably are! 

For that reason, I've designed headshot sessions that allow you to be YOU, are tried and true, and that have been tailored over my many years of photographing them to ensure fantastic results.

My pricing is simple. Most single headshot sessions are quick and offer coverage for the session and a select number of fully, naturally retouched images along with a usage license. You can always add additional time, files or products either at the time of booking or you can always purchase them any time before or after your session. Easy as pie!

Please contact me for more detailed pricing and information about your session, or for a custom quote if you're looking to have multiple people photographed. I'm happy to offer team rates as well!


Looking for more? Most of my clients don't alter the collection I offer, but if you need to customize things a bit, just be in touch and I'll be happy to discuss your needs in detail with you.

before / after retouching example

Move your mouse left and right over the image below to see a before and after example of typical natural retouching.

frequently asked questions


First and foremost, photojournalistic. I specialize in candid, modern photography, and work to make sure I capture the natural expressions that showcase your unique personality in your headshot. People find me friendly, easy-going and pleasant to work with, and I am nearly always smiling while I work because I love what I do.

do you retouch my images?

The images that you select will be fully and naturally retouched. This means that I enhance your photos, but don't change the overall character of your face. Also, my rule is no plastic people, so I keep things looking natural and not overly photoshopped. Zip up the page a bit to see a dynamic before and after example!


My home base is in beautiful Missoula, Montana. That said, I do travel! Check out the FAQ question below for more details.


Yes indeed, and I love it! If I'm traveling outside of a 20-mile radius of Missoula, it usually just requires a small fee to cover wear and tear and mileage on my vehicle. Travel outside of Montana, depending on where it is, will require a mileage fee (if I'm driving), or air fare (if I'm flying), lodging (if I will need a place to stay overnight), and a rental car if I'm flying.

DO YOU shoot headshots in a studio setting?

The nice thing is that headshots of today are vibrant! They don't need to be stodgy, stiff or boxed-in as studio portraiture can oftentimes make them feel, therefore I don't work out of a traditional studio. However I do photograph on location (which is my specialty), so if you're looking for more of a natural feel, I'm happy to photograph you in either a nature or urban setting (either outdoors or indoors). I'm even happy to photograph you in your office setting, too.

Do you photograph team headshots? 

Most definitely! And I'm happy to visit your office to make your photos and keep it easy for everyone (or if you've got another location you'd prefer to shoot in, we can talk about that too). We'll plan ahead of time when the best day will be do schedule your team's headshots to make sure everyone who needs to be photographed will be there. (Typically I recommend Tuesdays or Wednesdays as most folks don't take off days in the middle of the week.) I also offer team rates, so please contact me for a custom quote and I'll be happy to send more information your way.

Do you ever photograph headshots, group shots & workplace environment shots? 

For sure! Many of my business clients are doing total website overhauls and would like to make their online-presence as custom to their business as possible. If you know you need a custom photo package that includes individual team headshots, group shots and images of your workplace environment (or other options not listed here), I'm more than happy to talk to you in detail about your needs and provide you a custom quote. Contact me to get your conversation started!


Yep! Wedding photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture are a favorite of mine, and I have a soft spot for pretty food photography. I also freelance as a photojournalist for various magazines and other news and editorial publications around the United States and across the globe.

which days do you photograph headshots?

Typically I recommend weekday afternoons or evenings (depending on the time of year) to make the best use of our natural light, and because I generally have more availability on these days. (Oftentimes on weekends I'm photographing weddings.) However, that being said, I occasionally have Sundays available and even some Saturdays during my off-seasons. And, while I recommend shooting later in the day so we can revel in the most beautiful light possible, I can also be somewhat flexible on your start time, so we can make sure your session also works well with your schedule! Many of my clients will even schedule their session during their lunch hour or right after work!

how many headshot sessions do you photograph a year?

To provide the best possible service and turnaround to my awesome clients, I photograph a limited number of headshot sessions per year. If you think you'd like to book with me, it's best to be in touch sooner rather than later to ensure I can get you on the calendar before the year fills up.


Most single headshot sessions are quick and offer coverage for the session and a select number of fully, naturally retouched images along with a usage license. Please contact me for more detailed pricing and information about your session, or for a custom quote if you're looking to have multiple people photographed. I'm happy to offer team rates as well!


Absolutely! Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel and many of my clients feel this way too. I aim for a relaxed, happy vibe that shows your true personality, and we'll keep it natural and fun, but it won't be awkward or forced. I'll help direct you enough so you know what to do, but not so much that you won't recognize yourself in the images. And most often I'll be letting things flow naturally without any interruption, so you won't even have to worry about striking a pose.

what should i wear?

Generally I recommend clothing that, first and foremost, you are comfortable wearing (it's not fun to be wearing clothes that you're constantly tugging at), and clothing that speaks to who you are. It's a good idea to try to avoid large logos if possible, and jewel tones look great. Don't forget to iron the clothes you'd like to wear, and make sure to use that lint roller, too. If you just can't decide between a couple of looks on the day of your shoot, I'm also happy to provide input on outfit choices day-of. If you tan, try your best to be mindful of your tan lines before your shoot, and remember, that a natural look photographs much better than an overly orange spray tan.


The number of photos I make varies greatly depending on the length of our session, and what is taking place during your session. I shoot as much as I can without sacrificing quality for quantity, so my clients generally see anywhere from 10 to 200 images. I retain copyright of your images, but you will receive personal and business usage rights for any images that come with your session choice or any additional images you purchase, which means you can print to your heart's content, post your new photos to your website, and share as much on social media as you'd like!


Once I send you my investment information, to answer any further questions and get to know you, I'm happy to schedule either an in-person meeting at my Missoula location, or we can set up a phone call too if you're not in the Missoula area or have a busy schedule. Many of my clients are very busy; I understand that and am happy to accommodate a day/time that best suits you. This meeting isn’t about selling my services or upgrading your session - it is simply to see how you like me, to get to know you and your vision, and to see if we’re a good fit. I want you to be beyond sure I'm the right photographer for you and want you to feel completely at ease with me. Trust is so important, and the more you trust me, the more you will be able to totally be yourself, and feel free to completely and utterly be present in each and every moment.


Take a peek at what's in my bag over here.


Absolutely! I'm a stickler about having backup gear, backed up cards, and always carry insurance (both equipment and liability), and then I back it up all over again to multiple places after your session.

how can i book you?

After I've sent you my investment and photography guide, and when you're ready to book with me, I'll send you an online contract to sign. Once that's been signed and I've received your retainer payment for your session, I'm officially your photographer! I do book my session dates on a first-come first-serve basis (as I haven't yet figured out how to clone myself ;) ), so I do not hold dates until I actually receive the retainer and signed contract. If someone else is asking about services on a date you've inquired about, I will be in touch with you to inform you of their interest and make it as fair as possible for all parties. Generally, because I book up quickly, if you can book your session 2 to 3 weeks prior to your ideal date, you are more likely to have a date available to you that will fit best with your schedule. I can sometimes squeeze in last minute sessions so don't be afraid to be in touch if that's you, but it's usually best to plan ahead.


be in touch!

i'd love to hear from you!

In the form below, please tell me a little bit about yourself, what you are looking for in a photographer, and what you love in terms of photography.

If you would prefer to chat on the phone, please say this in your note to me so we can schedule a phone call.

I can't wait to be in touch with you!
Missoula, Montana-based, but I travel anywhere!